Vol XX, Seven Electro Emotions

Vol XX: Seven Electro Emotions


Sleeping With Plato

and I sleep with strange silence by my side
and I sleep with weird words underneath my pillow

oh Plato where are you hiding tonight?
(when) a beat turns your head around
(when) a beat turns your head upside down

before you go to bed so early
before you run away from me
before you think too wisely
before you pray for me and rise

if it's all about love will you stretch your arm for me?
can you show me a dialogue
and explain words, meanings?
can you show me lies?

look I'm standing so innocently
look I'm standing in no sense my dear



Fake Sea Break

broke all floated lies to thousands of foam pieces
like a real man swims through a real woman
and leaves a birthmark
until their past dies
I guess until little red doved love dies
and restarts their silicone chip



Full-length Youth

I feel blown by this medium called syntax
woke up on a cocaine lawn view
slept on educational lyrics and methods

can't drag my souls body
can't see cable faces again tonight
can't create what's already there

could kill my center depth
and revive a playlist of seven electro emotions
full-length youth, smile, shine and pretend you're ordinary




We don't want to stay around stillness anymore
He's probably picking up his pieces from his glory days
He's probably cleaning his head from his present

He's probably burning flowers again
He's so in the air tonight and he doesn't bleed at all
Perhaps the honey is stuck on his lips

Perhaps he repeats the word perhaps 5 times and then wakes up
He forgot to bring the shield for his loneliness
And loneliness is not his kind of thing



In Doubt

In doubt sir
Take me for a ride
Now I know why people like to travel

In doubt sir
In despair madam
Theatres on my mind, chaos

In doubt sir
Cause I want to go to bed early
And wake up late

In doubt sir
Please let me sleep here
In your bed

With your life
In doubt sir
Because I have nothing else to do



Miss Nice

Miss Nice is sitting comfortably on a table
dishes pass by for immediate fun
her teeth are shouting "power" louder
her lips too numb for kisses
her dress equalizes the passion hidden underneath
oups! A bit of grey ash dropped on her lovely black secrets



Balcony Translations

I share this distance with his thick long hair
we crawled on yellow chairs
and she said this road trip is mine

new Mexico brightness
new Mexico darkness
oh my! this lonely planet and its seven seas

your hairnet and my piano keys
call me Miss Revealed
you stood there like we were sixteen

sixteen moves and I thought of nicotine commitments
our Ithaca is bittersweet
(they say the journey is worth the travel)

inhaling so firmly
I thought it was my last one
no distance between us




Who cares about numbers?
I heard a whisper in my ear
I thought of physics and codes
Numbers stuck on traffic jams
And then you couldn't breathe
And I couldn't follow
One touch screen to paradise
One keyboard to heaven
Lost and found in nothing
And I meant everything
With or without something
That's on the way




Good-looking attitude I preserve in the fridge
Bad weather in my head

Clouds disturb bliss once again
Tired thoughts move on

He watched her hands unlocking the door
And it's not easy to watch fingers trying to save their lives



Silver Crown When You Come Around

Golden package never smiles at me
Drifted, in pieces
This place is real
Her name is high class emptiness

The class she has invented on her own
Blown away like a package of gold leaf
And the statue on your wall bleeds
The girl on your door weeps